The Conservation Program is charged with enforcing fish and wildlife laws, but the program's conservation wardens also coordinate search and rescue operations, collect fish and wildlife data, assist the public when they encounter problems with wildlife, and make a variety of presentations at area schools.

Cross-deputized as state wardens, Tribal conservation wardens enforce Tribal, State, and federal fish, wildlife, and recreation laws and regulations on the Reservation. Wardens also work to ensure compliance with boating, snowmobile, and off-road-vehicle rules. They patrol all parts of the Reservation, from highways and backcountry roads to wilderness trails and lakes and streams. Checking as many as G,500 permits a year, they use every opportunity to disseminate current conservation information to the public.

When Reservation residents encounter problems with wildlife, the wardens are generally the first to respond. They set culvert traps for problem bears, use a variety of techniques to resolve conflicts with mountain lions and other species, and talk to landowners about living cooperatively with wildlife. They also handle injured raptors and assist the biologists with wildlife transplants.

Tribal conservation wardens serve as the primary response team for search and rescue operations on the Reservation. They visit many of the Reservation's schools to talk to students about hunter safety, general outdoor survival skills, and how to get along with wildlife. They also conduct water safety seminars.

Program Goals

Protect Tribal fish, wildlife, and recreation resources by enforcing Tribal laws and regulations and by conducting vehicle, boat, and foot patrols. Respond to complaints, conduct investigations, and coordinate with other law-enforcement agencies.

Educate the Reservation public, sportsmen, and recreationists about the conservation and protection of natural resources by making presentations in schools and at public gatherings by coordinating with youth groups involved in outdoor activities and by making one-on-one contacts with sportsmen and recreationists in the field.

Assist with management of fish and wildlife through surveys, the monitoring of special hunting seasons, and by managing human-wildlife conflicts.

Our mission is to enforce Tribal hunting, fishing, and recreation laws; educate the public; and encourage compliance with all Tribal regulations.


Reservation Permit Vendors

Columbia Falls, MT 
- Super One Foods

Hamilton, MT
- Bob Ward & Sons

Hot Springs, MT
- Cornerstone Convenience Store

Kalispell, MT
- Cabela's
- MT Fish, Wildlife, & Parks-Region 1
- Snappy Sport Senter
- Sportsman & Ski Haus

Lakeside, MT
- Sliter's Ace Hardware

Missoula, MT
- Bob Ward and Sons
- Cabela’s
- MT Fish, Wildlife, & Parks-Region 2
- Wholesale Sports

Olney, MT
- Thad's Tackle Shop

Pablo, MT
- Zimmer Tackle

Plains, MT
- Plains Service Center

Polson, MT
- CSKT, DFWRC, 406 6th Avenue East
- Wal-Mart

Ronan, MT
- Westland Seed

St. Ignatius, MT
- Mountain View Cenex

Superior, MT
- Westgate True Value

Whitefish, MT
- Sportsman & Ski Haus

Woods Bay, MT
- Papa's Woods Bay Market

Reservation Permits are also available on the internet at 

NOTE: A Reservation Permit must be purchased in person initially from a retail outlet/Reservation Permit vendor to register. After that first registration you can purchase online. 

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